Custom Residential Masonry

Artisan stone and brick masonry for your home — indoors or out.

You didn’t choose your home because it looked just like everyone else’s.

American Masonry Arts specializes in artisan residential stone and brick masonry so your home will reflect your personality and capture your dreams.

If you have ideas, we’ll help you build them. If you don’t know where to start, we’ll help you design a custom living space. We work with a wide variety of high-quality brick and stone materials to bring your home to life.

Stone & Brick Masonry Services

- American Masonry Arts - Northwest Arkansas

Indoor Stone and Brick Masonry

Other Indoor Masonry Features 

Interior fireplaces and chimneys

Hearths or backings behind cast iron stoves

Brick or stone entrances

Kitchen backsplashes, including mosaic stonework

Brick paver entryways

If you have questions about other indoor features, Call or Text Us at (479) 330-1620

- American Masonry Arts - Northwest Arkansas

Outdoor Stone and Brick Masonry

Other Outdoor Masonry Features

Walkways & driveways

Flatwork & steps

Custom stone landscaping

Brick or stone fence posts and lampposts

Brick or stone mailboxes

Brick tuckpointing

Brick or block foundations and pillars

If you have questions about other outdoor features, Call or Text Us at (479) 330-1620

- American Masonry Arts - Northwest Arkansas

You definitely don’t want to create a brick or stone masonry project that starts to crumble before you want to sell your home!

At American Masonry Arts, we pride ourselves in creating artisan living spaces that will last for years to come. Feel confident that our work will be carried out with high-quality products and legacy craftsmanship.

We could not be happier with our Stone Pool Fountain and Rashidi’s work.  He is detailed, prides himself in excellence, and isn’t happy until the client is happy.  He worked with us at every step to make sure the finished product would be exactly what we wanted.  It is literally our favorite spot in the back yard.  We highly recommend his work.
- American Masonry Arts - Northwest Arkansas
Amanda & Dale Gainey

“How can I get started on my project?”

CALL or TEXT us to tell us about your living space at (479) 330-1620, or complete the Quick Quote form.

To learn more, we may ask you to share some photos of the area you’d like to update or create.

After understanding your needs and deciding on some ideas, we’ll give you a broad estimate for time and cost for your project. Whenever you’re ready for more details, we’ll come and carefully review the area and take measurements. You’ll receive a thorough project bid within 2-3 days.


Once we have both settled on the details and you’ve signed the project bid, we’ll schedule your project.

We look forward to crafting a custom living space that you’ll be excited to enjoy and share with others.