Masonry Chimneys & Hearths

Fire has always been a gathering place. While we no longer require burning wood to survive today, it still brings people together! Even on warm summer days, there’s nothing like a striking masonry chimney or hearth to make a dramatic focal point for your home, a place where people will gather. 

Even if you don’t have a brick or stone home, a masonry fireplace is a custom detail that you’ll be thrilled to share with your friends and family. American Masonry Arts designs and builds custom, artisan masonry hearths or chimneys to bring a warm sense of home into your living space.

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Masonry Chimney & Hearth Options

  • Custom brick or stone chimney design
  • Brick or stone hearth design
  • Brick or stone wall shields behind wood-burning stoves
  • Natural stone hearths (using native Arkansas or Oklahoma stone)
  • Exterior chimney tuckpointing
  • Exterior chimney tuckpointing
  • And more!

Chimneys and hearths are a popular feature in outdoor kitchens and patios. Learn more about custom outdoor kitchen designs

My home needs a hearth or chimney. Where should I start?

Call or text us with your ideas at (479) 330-1620 and we can start on the process of designing your space!

Rashidi Jones, principal mason at American Masonry Arts, will be your guide, listening to your ideas and providing an artisan design for a hearth or chimney that reflects “you” and complements your home. 

Feel Confident.

At American Masonry Arts, we pride ourselves in creating artisan living spaces that will last for years to come. We will design your interior or exterior chimney with high-quality products and legacy craftsmanship