Arkansas summers are better at the pool! If you’re looking for a pool deck planner to help you create a custom retreat, contact American Masonry Arts. Bring your ideas and we will design a hardscape to complement your outdoor or indoor pool. 

We work with both above-ground and in-ground pools to design your custom, artisan pool deck. 

Call or Text Us at (479) 330-1620

Popular options for poolscapes

  • Epoxy stone pool decks
  • Flagstone pool decks
  • Limestone pool decks
  • Natural stone pool decks (using native Arkansas stone)
  • Sandstone pool decks
  • Slate pool decks
  • Stone pool decks
  • White limestone pool decks (other colors available)
  • Brick paver pool decks
  • Cobblestone pool decks
  • Bluestone pool decks (using native Oklahoma stone)

Mosaic stonework designs are also available. Contact us at (479) 330-1620 for other options and to create your custom poolscape!

Additional Pool Deck Options:

  • Interactive water features (such as dancing fountains or splash pads)
  • Built-in jacuzzi or hot tub areas
  • Covered pool areas

I want to design a custom poolscape, but where should I start?

Rashidi Jones, principal mason and designer at American Masonry Arts, is our custom pool deck planner.

Call or text us with your ideas at (479) 330-1620 and we can start on the process of designing your space.


American Masonry Arts can be the point contractor throughout your project, connecting you with any other contractors needed to complete your custom poolscape.

We build to last.

At American Masonry Arts, we pride ourselves in creating artisan living spaces that will last for years to come. Feel confident your poolscape will be designed with high-quality products and legacy craftsmanship.